Yoga Paramgati


Deep Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Classes 60 Min.

Online Offerings

India  15:30

Tuesdays       18:00-19:00     Hong Kong          10:00 UK

                         Every Friday         9:00-10:00     Hong Kong                           

 Saturdays    11:30-12:30  Hong Kong

Classes are HK$ 150 per session

Group and private sessions available
Yoga Mentorship for those teachers that are not yet confident to teach classes.
We look deeply at what is lacking and bring you to a good higher standard of teaching.
Private sessions are HK$ 1200 single person add another  HK $200  per extra persons
 Mentorship for Yoga teachers HK$ 1500 per session book 5 receive 10%off
 Online Yoga teachers Training 200 YAI  next course start October 22- Feb 23
Every Saturday full day training HK$ 28000
or every Tuesday YTT next course starts October 4th 2022 -Feb 7th 20