Yoga Paramgati

I love how yoga makes me feel about myself

I love how yoga makes me feel about myself and brightens my day and life. Regular asana practice, breathing exercises, meditation and mantras are added to my life after this amazing training. Having a mindful practice with awareness and breath is what makes the whole difference in my practice. It is like a magic pill that helps to heal and get stronger physically and emotionally. I am fully motivated to teach & spread this medicine across.Sudevi’s teachings, energy, devotion to yoga & her lineage, well prepared outline and high standards makes this training very special. She has the ability to see through what you need to get better in your own yoga practice as well as your teaching quality. I wasn’t sure to make the commute from HK island to Lantau at the beginning. Now looking back, it was the best decision to pick this training out of many. It well exceeded my expectations from a teaching training. And I have met with amazing students which makes training enjoyable and richer.Highly recommend to anyone who wants to experience something transformational in their life

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