Yoga Paramgati

A personal transformation on this journey.

A personal transformation on this journey.  The call to Carly Moorestud y under Sudevi kept showing up in my life although I had never before considered being a yoga teacher. I answered the call without knowing at all what to expect. Never did I think that I would have so much personal transformation on this journey. In the beginning my knowledge of yoga went no further than asana and I was so delighted to learn about and integrate all eight limbs. This teaching arrived at a perfect time in my life, when my physical health was suffering and I was yearning direction in regards to my dharma. By practicing all that Sudevi taught I began to experience subtle yet powerful changes in all aspects of my life. Being in Sudevi’s presence weekly, following her guidance and feeling the support of the group provided the medicine that I needed. I am forever grateful for yoga and feel like I’m returning home every time I step on the mat. Sudevi was the exact teacher I needed. She is full of knowledge and wisdom but is still very relatable and accessible. She is very direct in her communication and not full of the fluffy stuff which I appreciate. Most importantly, I am so happy to have found a yoga practice that incorporates elements into each class that heal not only the physical body but mental, spiritual and emotional as well. Thank you Sudevi for showing me what yoga is really about

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