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yaiDeepen your practice and understanding of Yoga
The Paramgati Transformational Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training with Sudevi Sundari is designed to take your personal practice to a whole new level and provide you with the skill set to offer students an intelligent and inspired yoga class. This course is ideal for serious students and aspiring teachers. With over 20 years of practice, Sudevi embodies the word Yoga, which means ‘union’ or ‘to link’. With a deep understanding of all 4 Bodies, Sudevi, with her strict practice of Sadhana, is able to share an experience that will not only transform your life and deepen your journey into the Self, but allow you to really be a playable instrument to help others to do the same. Open up your Divine Channel that links you to a higher vibration and allows you to feel your true identity within this world.

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In this training you will learn:
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• The proper alignment, benefits & potential risks of the foundational yoga postures
• Teaching methodology
• The science and art of sequencing a yoga class
• Hands on adjustments
• How to observe and see bodies
• The art of the voice, sound vibration, kirtan and mantras
• Confidence though practice teaching

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• Yoga history and philosophy; Patanjali’s 8 limbs
• An introduction into the subtle body, ayurveda and meditation
• Sanskrit names of the postures
• Pranayama
• Bandhas, mudras and kriyas
• The 5 koshas
• How chakras affect our whole being

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Paramgati Yoga Training is designed to give you a transformational experience. You will gain a deeper understanding of all 8 limbs in yoga and become a ‘true’ yoga teacher, embracing all aspects of yoga on all levels. For those who want to teach, this will mark the beginning of a successful career as a yoga teacher.

Graduates will be able to register with Yoga Alliance International at the RYT-200 Level.
Course duration: 4 weeks full-time or 3 months part-time.

Contact Sudevi for details of the next Training Course. Courses are restricted to a maximum of 8 students, so that individual attention may be given to each student, therefore ensuring a full understanding is attained.

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If you have any questions please contact Sudevi Sundari on HK +852 91764012 or Australia +61 404996884
Please click here to download the 200hrs Teacher Training Course Application Form in PDF, or Google form click here. Fill it in and email it to

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