Dilek Incoglu“I love how yoga makes me feel about myself and brightens my day and life. Regular asana practice, breathing exercises, meditation and mantras are added to my life after this amazing training. Having a mindful practice with awareness and breath is what makes the whole difference in my practice. It is like a magic pill that helps to heal and get stronger physically and emotionally. I am fully motivated to teach & spread this medicine across.Sudevi’s teachings, energy, devotion to yoga & her lineage, well prepared outline and high standards makes this training very special. She has the ability to see through what you need to get better in your own yoga practice as well as your teaching quality. I wasn’t sure to make the commute from HK island to Lantau at the beginning. Now looking back, it was the best decision to pick this training out of many. It well exceeded my expectations from a teaching training. And I have met with amazing students which makes training enjoyable and richer.Highly recommend to anyone who wants to experience something transformational in their life”.  ∞ Dilek Incoglu ∞


“The call to Carly Moore stud y under Sudevi kept showing up in my life although I had never before considered being a yoga teach er. I answered the call without knowing at all what to expect. Never did I think that I would  have so much personal transformation on this journey. In the beginning my knowledge of yoga went no  further than asana and I was so delighted to learn about and integrate all eight limbs. This teaching arrived at a perfect time in my  life, when my physical health was suffering and I was yearning direction in regards to my dharma. By practicing all that Sudevi taught I began to experience subtle yet powerful changes in all aspects of my life. Being in Sudevi’s presence weekly, following her guidance and feeling the support of the group provided the medicine that I needed. I am forever grateful for yoga and feel like I’m returning home every time I step on the mat. Sudevi was the exact teacher I needed. She is full of knowledge and wisdom but is still very relatable and accessible. She is very direct in her communication and not full of the fluffy stuff which I appreciate. Most importantly, I am so happy to have found a yoga practice that incorporates elements into each class that heal not only the physical body but mental, spiritual and emotional as well. Thank you Sudevi for showing me what yoga is really about”. ∞ Carly Moore ∞mimi_cercle_menuda

“Sudevi’s essential 200hrs teacher training contains a pinnacle of wisdom rooted in the ancient yogic texts and traditions made accessible to every student of life who is on the quest to self-discovery. The experience of going through different physical, mental and spiritual planes allowed to open gateways for transformation from within during the first few days into the course only. I was able to feel a shift, gaining deeper understanding and clarity of mind, determination, physical strength and endurance during my sadhana (practice). With Sudevi’s unmeasurable support, guidance, unconditional love and dedicated heart for service, I managed to shed off layers of emotional and physical residues from the past effortlessly and with ease, creating the space which was needed for growth, and to cope with the fast paced city life and ailments of the modern world. Having completed this journey with Sudevi and many Yoga Paramgati students before me, I strongly believe that this course will continue to flourish, inspire and transform the world for life-times to come. Truly blessed and humbled… OM TAT SAT” ∞ Mimi Ho Z.W. ∞

“I regard joining Sudevi Sundari’s 20upsidedown_cercle_menuda0 h TT as one of the best decisions I have ever taken. It was a turning point that completely transformed my life in terms of balance, awareness and emotional well-being.Sudevi’s course provides the structure and information required to better understand ourselves and our relations to others, but most importantly, she holds a safe space for everyone to explore their needs and desires, and move forward towards a more complete version of ourselves. The small-group format allows her to know and guide each student according to their special circumstances, with love and care.Working on ourselves, while learning about millenary philosophy, physical postures and spiritual practices, gave us a well-balanced base on yoga from a classical, transformational experience. This training opened for me an immense new path to explore, and offered tools to walk it. I feel deeply grateful as I look forward to the many miles ahead”. ∞ Violeta Camarasa ∞

“As the saying goes, we are born twice: the first time we come into this world. The second time, we discover why we came for. Paramgati Yoga, and Guru Sudevi are pure medicine for the soul. Please, join this training to help yourselves and help others realize their unique and untouched potential. I was deeply wounded by many tragic happenings and felt like a victim and misunderstood by society, when actually I was failing miserably at understanding myself. Sudevi helped me to transcend that part of me; to see myself under the light of unconditional love and kindness. I now continue my journey of Service with more wisdom and a better understanding of how to manage emotions in a more constructive and grounded way. And I’m feeling truly grateful to be able to support others in their journey of self-discovery. Sudevi, my Guru, is a great teacher and she will know how to take all those masks off that stop you from reaching higher wisdom.” ∞ Esther Loes ∞

“I first discovered Yoga at university many years ago. During my first yearmina_circle exams I became depressed, went to the family doctor who prescribed anti-depressants which speeded me up so much that I couldn’t sleep. I was then prescribed other medication to calm me down. What a mess. The following year I started regular yoga classes and incorporated some Yoga into my daily schedule. I felt physically and emotionally fit, slept well and was able to handle exam nerves and more or less anything else Life flung at me. I have never had to take such medication again. Since then I have practiced Yoga intermittently throughout my Life, until I moved to Hong Kong in 2008 when I started attending regular classes.After a year or so I decided I would like to learn more. I tried out different teachers and classes hoping that one day the right teacher would cross my path. And so she did! Fortunately I was introduced to Sudevi of Paramgati Yoga, under whose inspirational and loving guidance I embarked on my journey of discovery of true Hatha Yoga. I completed 200 hours training in March 2016. I had not planned to teach, but such transformational knowledge has to be shared! What was it about these gentle breathing exercises and asanas that made me feel so different? How is it that after 60 minutes of a combination of Yoga postures, breathing, concentration, and inward reflection I can feel so different? So positive, focused, calm, and joyful, (oh and more supple)? The ancient sage Patanjali brought us Yoga for serenity and sanctity of mind, grammar for clarity and purity of speech and medicine for the perfection of health.”   ∞ Mina Weight ∞ (852) 6908 3234 mina.weight@gmail.com


“I decided to join Sudevi’s 200 hour Teacher Training course with a desire to compliment my spiritual knowledge with a spiritual practice.  While going to an ashram in India had a big draw for an authentic and immersive experience – my decision to train with Sudevi turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last decade.   Unlike an ashram in India, Sudevi prefers to keep her class sizes small to allow for an intimate experience where the growth of each individual has an opportunity to receive support and guidance.My expectations were quickly being exceeded as I was gaining more insight into my own spiritual growth taught tools to help embrace a life that was not only easeful, but clear, energized and balanced.  I soon found that with regular practice of asana, pranayama, and mantra my vices were falling away without effort.  I no longer craved coffee, spent less time procrastinating and stopped eating junk on a whim – without even struggling to let them go.  Daily practice made things easy.The course provided me with a deeper understanding of yoga, and opened up a path that I realized I had just started down.   Not only do I feel confident to share Patanjali’s eight limbs and guide others on their own inward journey’s through yoga, but began to realize more and more the potential that lay ahead in my pursuit of sat chit ananda (truth knowledge bliss).With Sudevi’s guidance, insight, and regular practice of Patanjali’s eight limbs – layers of unconscious mental, emotional and physical baggage were lifted, and I began to experience more energy, clarity, and intuitive guidance than I could have ever imagined.  I discovered that I had no idea what lay beneath the surface, how much unconscious baggage I was carrying – and how amazing my experience of life would become once I realized and released what had lain hidden in the shadows.For me, I know that the 200 hour course with Sudevi was much more than becoming certified as a Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher.  It showed me a path, helped me take the first few steps, and continues to encourage, support and inspire a way of being each day that I’m proud to share with those around me.  My relationships have improved, my work ethic become inspired, and my overall experience of life enriched.Who knows what my experience in India would have been like . . . Sudevi’s course has just left me looking forward to her 500 hour course, and inspired to share the Paramgati Yoga way. ‘Lokah Samstha Sukhino Bavantu’ – may all beings be happy and free.”            ∞ Michael Hazen ∞

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“Paramgati Yoga has certainly been transformational for me.  My teacher training course has benefited me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.Sudevi graciously shares her wealth of experience and concisely integrates it into a wonderful course for students to enjoy.   I am in debt to her and all the other teachers who have passed this knowledge down to bless our lives.This leap of Faith has changed my life forever!”                        ∞ Elisa Colbran ∞

10463057_10152503385874919_9077975946154938607_n“It is with gratitude that I write this . . . I feel truly blessed for the experience I had completing the 200 hour course with Paramgati Yoga.  Sudevi really opened my eyes to the true meaning of yoga and my spiritual path.  Her nurturing ways and knowledge helped me to get a well rounded understanding of it.  I consider Sudevi a great mentor in my life. She continues to inspire me everyday on my yoga journey.  What I loved about the course was that it wasn’t just about asanas, it was also about self-realization, about “being constant gardeners”, which I feel is important as a teacher guiding future students to the true yoga in essence.  I look forward to doing the 500 hour course in the future.  Namaste.”          ∞ Elise Hamilton ∞”The study of Paramgati Yoga has really made a significant impact on my life. It not only shone the light on the path for me to10933878_436815306470293_8202868512971742287_n (1) learn to understand, heal and love myself but also allowing me to be of help to others and to touch lives in so many aspects. Life now has so much more meaning as I am more aware of the connection I made within me and other living beings. So much gratitude for you, dear Sudevi, for all the teachers and the teaching.”           ∞ Khan Doan ∞10917077_10152618525794677_3736190585725661018_n“As I embark on my journey as a yoga teacher, I want to say that the gift Sudevi gave me is the most beautiful gift I have ever received. She taught me the power of self love, the joy of kindness to self, the diversity and power of mantra, the importance of continual self weeding, how to connect to my higher self and so to others, with love, in the world.  She showed me how by example, I can live grounded in this world yet travel inwards to the freedom and bliss within, how we are all God’s children sailing together – each drop a part of the whole, on the ocean of the soul. During the course I learned the value of daily practice, the wisdom of non-judgement and compassion and how important it is not to see yourself as better or worse than anyone or anything else.  Equal in all.  Only to tread lightly and discover the absolute freedom hidden within the discipline of the physical body, the mind, the emotions.  Wow, Sudevi, absolutely mind-blowingly WOW.I feel whole and, finally, Human.  Thank you, from the depths of anahata, thank you.”   ∞ Leini Ireland ∞


“I loved the idea of Yoga, all things Indian and Travel magazines with Spa Hotels with Yoga poses being performed – but only having attended a few classes before meeting Sudevi on the mat in one of her Hong Kong classes, I had no idea of the depth and beauty involved in Yoga.Then I met Sudevi and experienced a blissful, connected feeling in one class… No looking back! I had to learn more about this ancient art and science; spirit, mind and body work. 200 hour TTC with Sudevi for thirsty me! 
The transformation to my life, and for those around me that it has brought, with all the health benefits of a positive healthy mind and body is non-comparable to any other mind/body practice I have studied before. I have cleared a lot of mental and emotional issues that were holding me back from living my true potential and I am physically healthier with much improved mobility and awareness.On my Paramgati Yoga Teacher Training with Sudevi I really learned why I was drawn to it, plus… the power of higher self, how to eat well, live well, control and understand my erratic emotions, heal, self – respect, build better relationships and more… I very soon realized that I was on an amazing path to wellness and that sharing with others was part of my training … so that by the end I was equipped and confident (and in fact desperate) to share the teachings as they were taught to me so thoroughly by Sudevi. 
My amazing (now dog-eared) manual replaced my laptop for 2 months and I took it everywhere. It was with ease and pleasure I absorbed every word as it flowed so beautifully with clear instructions, fascinating content, plenty of practice, discussions, delving, friendship forming that all integrated, resulting in the ability to confidently deliver the wonderful Paramgati classes … To feel more whole – united in all four bodies; to have more clarity, trust, focus and to act from my higher self for the higher good for all. Resulting in both a happier person and a good, safe teacher is such a 4xF4jr92euuDuy4pylgFlrwBWdMxTaejWYN5dRoz87c,YBjSeDTpNEq-c1Q9Xb8u9iXZ3Suetry3JOrT5WFqGfM,O-ZD2eE5GCnA8gpC4C4E2tlJMiB4I03E56unYmvGJHswonderful feeling.I feel very blessed to have started my Yogini journey here with Sudevi who is so present throughout and offers invaluable continued support into the future. 
 Beyond her external and radiating internal beauty is such a natural and powerful teacher. Her intuition and insightfulness means that she can manage different personalities with ease, guiding her students effectively in a nurturing, understanding manner. She is relaxed and open and creates a fun, safe learning environment in which to share her vast knowledge. She has so much knowledge and experiences to share, yet, has devised a systematic method for sharing that knowledge precisely in detail over 200 hours. I highly recommend this course to all types of people that want to teach Yoga, or simply live better, love themselves more and share a powerful healing tool with others. It’s a wonder-full journey and Sudevi leads the way perfectly”.          ∞ Jill Marshall ∞


11304489_10153587442327150_1233172975_n“Taking the journey of yoga with Sudevi’s teacher training was one of the best decisions of my life. It has opened up a whole new world to me. The course has been transformational for me and I can recommend it to anyone who is wanting to understand the true meaning of yoga. Sudevi is sharing her knowledge and experience without hesitation, her energy is addictive, her kindness knows no limit. She is a true inspiration for attempting a life in sattva guna, in the mode of goodness. She is teaching all aspects of yoga with the greatest passion and you will be captivated and hungry for more.”    ∞ Susanne Dommecke ∞