5 Rhythms

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5 Rhythms where meditation meets the dance…
Sudevi Sundari is accredited as a 5 Rhythms facilitator. I love this practice. I danced my first FiveRrhythms class in 2000 in Hong Kong. I felt like I had arrived home. After teaching and practising yoga for 25 years it was a relief as I found more freedom and joy in my body as I moved and breathed. When I dance my elbows and knees, head and feet, hips and heart together I feel all my body parts connecting. I can have a more harmonious connection with all my 5 senses, my heart and spirit. This practice gives me a deeper understanding of my relationship to Self, others and the Universe.
I cried litres on the dance floor, laughed at my ego characters, and, delighted at my blissful soulful self.
I am a seeker. A seeker of anything that makes me think, feel and move with my highest intentions and dreams leading me through life. The biggest paradox is we are spirit in bodies, shadow and light. This dancing path has room to explore these paradoxes and unite them, understanding that everything has its place. There is always something new to let in, to let out, to let go. Once we let go, we can let go of letting go and then we can just let ourselves BE. Movement is the medicine. I do it on the dance floor and on my yoga mat.
Sudevi holds regular classes and workshops in Hong Kong and worldwide.
Sudevi holds space for full movement and expression for anything that makes you feel alive. Space is offered to explore our internal landscape and the territory between the head and the feet. Leading us to a space of surrendering to the mystery of who we are. We move to music and at times to our beating heart and breath.
The five rhythms is a cathartic form of dance for the body, mind and heart developed by Gabrielle Roth. The practise itself is very simple. It is a map that can point you to the inherent wisdom of your body as well as being a great workout. A five rhythms class can be an opportunity to develop the skills of discipline, commitment and creativity, and to catalyse deep healing and self expression. All you need is the willingness to follow your feet. and to give/allow yourself to move with whatever comes up.
The 5 Rhythms are
Fluid continuous grounded movement. Flowing and never knowing, respective, open the rhythm of breathing ourselves in and the power of just being as you are.
Percussive, pulsing beat that shakes us a thousand different ways. linear with stops and starts, communication is clear and in harmony with the heart. Learning to express yourself.
The rhythm of letting go, releasing into the catalytic wildness of the dance. The wild abandon, the mix of flow and staccato tapping into creativity and surrender.
The rhythm of trance. We lighten up and relax. We let go of letting go, bringing expansion, playfulness and, effortlessness. Exploring shifting of shapes.
The rhythm of emptiness where gentle movements rise and fall, start and end. In the field of stillness we move with breath entering into a graceful moving meditation.
Each rhythm lives within, and, without us, and, have many ways to teach us how we can dance through life. The practice of five rhythms is a place where we can come and explore all aspects of ourselves. With no judgements we will experience something very real honest and authentic bringing us to a more embodied state of being.
One of the things I love about Five Rhythms practice and Gabrielle Roth’s teachings is the way it brings together what has become separated, or in some kind of conflict: body and spirit, our inner feminine and masculine energy, stillness and action, darkness and light. The more I dance, the more I know and feel that these are impossible to actually separate.
If I really want to get to know myself, to find myself, to love myself, I need to go on this journey through all the five rhythms moving through each of them. For a person who finds it hard, almost impossible to learn through big fat books/printed information, it has been such a gift, a huge relief to find a practice where I am learning through physical movement, using all my six senses. Learning through direct experience and personal exploration. I am happy to again and again, get to know my body as a celestial-earthy instrument, that as any other instrument, loves to be tuned, fine tuned. Sometimes it’s my hips being nourished by Flowing, my elbows get clear throughStaccato, my feet find their wild side in Chaos. My shoulders are grateful for the lightness of Lyrical and my head finally finds peace in Stillness.