Sudevi’s essential 200hrs teacher training contains a pinnacle of wisdom rooted in the ancient yogic texts and traditions made accessible to every student of life who is on the quest to self-discovery. The experience of going through different physical, mental and spiritual planes allowed to open gateways for transformation from within during the first few days into the course only. I was able to feel a shift, gaining deeper understanding and clarity of mind, determination, physical strength and endurance during my sadhana (practice). With Sudevi’s unmeasurable support, guidance, unconditional love and dedicated heart for service, I managed to shed off layers of emotional and physical residues from the past effortlessly and with ease, creating the space which was needed for growth, and to cope with the fast paced city life and ailments of the modern world. Having completed this journey with Sudevi and many Yoga Paramgati students before me, I strongly believe that this course will continue to flourish, inspire and transform the world for life-times to come. Truly blessed and humbled… OM TAT SAT

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